75 Pearl Street Reading, MA


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Founded in 1968, Margaret LaPierre opened her studio to instill the art and joy of dance in young children. She believed every student should have a strong ballet foundation, and that philosophy is still upheld today. One of Mrs. Lapierre's first students was Sue Burns (Marroni) who danced at the studio from age 10 through high school. Upon graduation she continued her journey at LapPierre as a dance instructor and in 1999 Sue followed in Mrs. LaPierre's footsteps becoming owner and director of LaPierre. Under Sue’s leadership, the LaPierre School continues Margaret’s vision of providing a wide range of dance styles and opportunities for all ages. LaPierre has grown to become one of the most respected, popular, and comprehensive dance studios in New England.

LaPierre School of Dance is a friendly, family-oriented school with four state-of-the-art studios. We provide well-rounded classes that develop beautiful dancers with discipline, self-confidence, and strong work ethics. We offer classes in Pre-Dance, Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Acro, and Mommy & Me. We also have a sitting area and tables for students to do homework on breaks.

LaPierre offers students excellent training as well as the opportunity to perform in our annual Spring Concert, join Dance Team, attend workshops, and be part of our Summer Intensive Program!

At LaPierre, we take a professional approach in creating a vibrant atmosphere where all of our students are treated as young aspiring dancers. Our policy of open communication creates a very special working environment that produces positive, versatile, and communicative young dancers. This is demonstrated by the widespread success of our graduates in continuing their dance experience beyond high school. The LaPierre faculty seeks to preserve and nourish the individuality and creative spirit of each of our students, encouraging them to develop as performers and to accelerate in their individual progress.