Twinkle Toes - Ages: 12 – 24 months
A fun class for mommy and baby! Developing motor skills and improving muscle strength with music and song in a light, energetic environment.  

Tot Trot - Ages: 2.5 – 3 years
A fun and energetic class, incorporating stretch, song and dance, along with building gross motor skills.  Princess’, fairies, and lots of make believe. Building a love for dance while encouraging creative expression. This class performs in our “May  Showcase”.
Pre-dance 1 - Age: 4 years (PD 1)
A fun continuation of tot trot. Building on stretching, following directions, and learning basic steps and terminology, while still continuing to explore their own creativity. This class performs in our “May Showcase”.

Pre-dance 2 - Age: 5 years (PD 2)
While this class still continues to be a fun and creative class, students are beginning to learn the basics of ballet and tap. We continue to work on listening skills and working together as a team while building self esteem and confidence. This class performs in our annual “Spring Concert”.

Ballet/Tap 1 - Age: 6 years (B1)
A combination ballet/tap class. Learning new ballet and tap steps while working on balance, turnout, articulation of feet and alignment of the body. Still encouraging creativity through fun dance games. This class performs in our annual “Spring Concert”.

Ballet 2 - Age: 7 years (B2)
Continuation of ballet 1, adding more structure and steps. Building on strength and muscle development as well as improving and understanding body alignment. This class is also offered the ability to enroll in tap and jazz. This class performs in our annual “Spring Concert”.

Pre- teen - Ages: 8-12 years (PT)
Meeting once a week, this is a great class for late starters and dancers who have taken a few years off!  This accelerated class reviews all of the basics and continues to build on technique, strength, and body alignment.  Ballet, tap, and jazz classes are offered to pre-teen students. These classes perform in our annual “Spring Concert”.

Novice - Ages: 8 – 9 Years (Nov)
Our novice program is offered to dancers who are looking to put more commitment into their dance training. Novice dancers have 2 ballet, 1 jazz, 1 tap, and 1 modern class per week. These classes are spread out over 2 days. This class is a structured class that is developing strong, focused dancers. There is a greater concentration on technique. These classes perform in our annual “Spring Concert”.

Hip-Hop - Ages: 5 And Up (HH)
(Students Are Placed In Age Appropriate Classes)  This is a fun, high energy class that is great for boys and girls! No prior dance experience necessary. The class starts with a dance warm up and across the floor combinations developing technique.  The class ends with a hip hop combination. Students are learning steps while getting a great cardiovascular workout! These classes perform in our annual “Spring Concert”.

Tumbling - Ages: 3 And Up
(Students Are Placed In Age Appropriate Classes)
A fun, energetic class introducing the basics of tumbling. This class works on stretch, muscle strength, and basic tumbling moves. Great for improving flexibility and strength. These classes perform in our annual “Spring Concert”.

Six Week Sessions

NEW THIS YEAR! LaPierre School will be offering “6 Week Sessions” for dancer ages 2.9- 10 years. This is a fabulous opportunity for families who are not able to make a full year commitment due to the corona virus. These classes will be held outside and keep your dancer active, social and creative during these uncertain times. Simply choose the session you would like your dancer to attend and sign up! 

LaPierre Dance Team 1- 4 - Ages: 8 And Up (T1, T2, T3, T4)
Our competition team (LDT) is made up of 4 teams. This program is for a more serious dancer who is looking to dedicate 10 – 15 hours (depending on age) a week to his/her dance training. LDT competes in 2/3 competitions a season and performs at several events during the year including our "Spring Concert". Check out the 2017/2018 schedule here!

Class Descriptions

At LaPierre School of Dance, we take the education of our students very seriously. Creating a welcoming, safe, and fun environment, we encourage students to develop their artistic selves. We strongly believe dance creates successful, focused, confident young adults and many opportunities for self expression. We believe music and dance allows children to feel the movement, increase creativity and imagination, and develop a sense of physical fitness. If you have any questions about our training or classes please feel free to contact us. We look forward to continuing to provide great training in a fun atmosphere for your children.

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