75 Pearl Street Reading, MA


Andrea Fanikos

Jazz, Hip Hop, Dance Team Coach & Choreographer

Vanessa Espinola

Tap, Jazz, & Ballet Assistant

Maggie Foster


Kristina Sinopolous

Pre-School Little Treasures, Tap, Acro, Pre-Dance, Dance Team Coach & Choreographer

Aine O'Doherty

Tap, Jazz, & Ballet

Tom Feeney

​Dance Team Choreographer

Carolyn Breton-Pantos

​Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Dance Team Coach & Choreographer

Sam Fiorello

​Tap, Jazz, Dance Team Coach & Choreographer

Sue Marroni


Pre-Dance, Ballet, Tap


The LaPierre School of Dance in Reading, MA faculty seeks to preserve and nourish the individuality and creative spirit of each of our students, encouraging them to develop as performers and to accelerate in their individual progress. At LaPierre, we take a professional approach in creating a vibrant atmosphere where all of our students are treated as young aspiring dancers. Our policy of open communication creates a very special working environment that produces positive, versatile, and communicative young dancers. This is demonstrated by the widespread success of our graduates in continuing their dance experience beyond high school.