75 Pearl Street Reading, MA


Vacations & Cancellations

Our vacations coincide with the Reading School System.  We do not observe every Monday holiday. We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving and two weeks at Christmas.  We also have an “abbreviated” week after our Spring Concert, dates to be announced.  We will hold classes unless weather conditions make it absolutely impossible.  If it is necessary for us to cancel, your child may take make-up classes at your convenience. We don’t always coincide with the school system, as weather may improve (or worsen) in the afternoon.  If you are in doubt regarding cancellation due to weather, please check our website or call the studio.


Our Spring Concert will be held in April. Further information will be sent home in September.



Visitor Policy

Parents are always welcome visitors! We have a wonderful viewing area with one-way mirrors to allow you to observe at your convenience. Parents are also welcome in the classroom to observe at the teachers discretion. We ask that no small children accompany you into the classroom, as it is a distraction to the students and the instructors. Thank you.

Dress Code

A neat appearance is important in all phases of dance, especially in ballet; therefore, the following dress code will be strictly enforced. All your supplies can be purchased locally at “Patterson’s” in Burlington or “On Your Toes” in Peabody. (Ask for your LaPierre discount!)

  • BALLET/PRE-DANCE/TOT: Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers, Black or Colored Leotard; Hair in a bun. NO SHIRTS ALLOWED.

  • TAP: Tan tap shoes for all levels. (Capezio preferred)

  • JAZZ: Slip on tan jazz shoes. NO SHIRTS ALLOWED.

  • TAP & JAZZ: Tight fitting dance clothing. No T-Shirts. 

  • HIP HOP: Comfortable street or dance clothing. Clean sneakers (not worn outside)

  • If you are in doubt as to the correct color and style, please call.

  • All your equipment can be purchased locally at “Patterson’s” in Burlington or “On Your Toes” in Peabody. (Ask for student discount)

***Please note: some classes may require additional shoes and/or tights for recital.***

Billing Terms

Your annual tuition is broken into 2 payments. We accept cash, check, Master Card, or Visa. Your payments are due by the dates indicated. Students will not be permitted into class until their semester payment is made. Families with three or more students enrolled will be given a reduced rate for the third child.
Please note: A convenience fee of $5.00 will be added to credit card transactions over $500.00. A convenience fee of $10.00 will be added to credit card transactions over $1000.00     
Returned check fee: $25 | Family Registration Fee: $40

School Year Terms​​

Our season runs from September through May. We assume that students registered in September will complete the year. We do not tie you into a yearly contract. Therefore, if for some reason your child cannot complete the year, you must notify our office IN WRITING that your child will be dropping out of the program. Until we receive your written notice, you will continue to be billed. Tuition payments are non-refundable.