Covid Screening

Please do not send your dancer to the studio if they are not feeling well!

-Take your child’s temperature before coming to dance class.

-If your child or anyone in your family is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, or has been in contact with someone exhibiting these symptoms, please do not come into the studio.








-If a student or instructor is diagnosed with Covid,

the studio will be deep-cleaned and closed for atleast 72 hours

We will go to virtual classes during this time.

-Any student who is exposed to the virus or has a household member

who has been exposed will be asked to quarantine for 2 weeks.

-In the case of a resurgence, we will go to online learning

or extend our year for in-person classes. TBD upon the circumstances.

-Stay in your car or outside studio entrance until 5-10

minutes before class start time
-Instructor will greet everyone outside and direct students

down to their designated classrooms

Senior, Teen, & Junior Teams may enter the studio on their own.
-Hand sanitizer must be used before entering the classroom
-Face coverings are required at all times for all students and instructors.

Intermittent mask breaks will be given during class.
-Our lobby and office area is for passing through only,

attendance will be taken in the classroom.
-Dressing rooms are temporarily closed - all dancers must arrive dressed for class. Changing will not be allowed in the restrooms.
-Our water dispenser is shut off at this time,

remember to bring a full water bottle from home.
-Try to limit personal belongings to one small dance bag and a jacket as it will be brought into the studio.

-6x6 foot squares are marked on the floor of each studio

with colored tape to provide social distancing between students.
-Hand sanitizer must be used before entering studio.
-Upon entering, bags should be placed on a floor marker

around the perimeter of the studio.
-Once a group of students has entered a classroom,

they will remain in that room until they exit for the day—

teachers will be the only people who rotate from location to location.
-Face coverings are required at all times for instructors and dancers -

students will be given intermittent mask breaks during class,

always social distancing.
-If there is a short break between classes, students

are welcome to have a small snack and drink while waiting.

-All students will remain socially distanced in their “ 6x6 squares”.
-There will no longer be a “lost and found” box.

If we find dance shoes, we will look for a name on the shoes

and contact the owner. Clothing left at the studio will be donated.
-Class sizes will be limited at the recommendation of the Reading BOH.

-Students will be escorted back out to the entrance of our building when class is over. We will stagger the exits as to not have large crowds outside. 
-Parents should remain by their car until dancers are outside ready to leave.

Parents, please be on time for pick-up.


-All studios were professionally cleaned and sanitized during

the months we were closed - shampooing carpets,

​stripping dance floors, and deep-cleaning restrooms.
-The studio has increased its schedule of professional cleaning

to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.
-All studios, equipment and high touch surfaces will be cleaned & sanitized

with EPA approved products after each use and regularly throughout the day.
-Hand sanitizer will be provided in every classroom

and in multiple areas throughout our space.
-Restrooms will be deep-cleaned by our professional cleaners,

as well as regular cleaning of surfaces throughout the day.
-Our building has upgraded to Merve 8 filters. At the beginning of COVID in March, they adjusted the air exchange rate through the building, including our area, which increases external air flow, essentially using the highest filter that they can for our system while increasing the fresh air that we bring into the building. 

-Free standing HEPA air purifiers for studio 1/2/3 have been purchased to ensure we have optimal airflow for our students.
-Windows (in the studios that have them)

and doors will also be opened in all class rooms.

We are working hard at the studio to keep our dancers, instructors, and families safe. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a healthy, safe atmosphere for all. Please sign an updated Liability waiver prior to taking class (signed at registration if you registered in-person).

In response to COVID-19, LaPierre has taken new measures to ensure student and staff safety. We encourage all families to become familiar with the new policies below. We are committed to maintaining a clean and welcoming space for our students to grow! 

 75 Pearl Street Reading, MA